January 01, 2008

Happy 01 Jan 2008

Here's wishing everyone a very happy, healthy and blessed New Year. Here is a pic of my first attempt at altering a birthday reminder rolodex.

I've been meaning to do one of these. I am going to make a divider card for each month (I only have January's finished right now, appropriately) and then have a mini-scrap/collage/ATCish page for each person on their birthdate including a picture of each person(if I have one). I've used a mix of supplies, the image of the hourglass is cutout from a Crafty Secrets (link in right column of my blog) booklet, the calendar printout is a free template that you can also find at Crafty Secret's website. The paper is from one of those powerpacks (you know one of those 10 zillion page bargain packs) I got a while back from a warehouse store. The ribbon I snagged from a bulk buy from pink hedgehog and I finally used my new mini-sew. I am such a clutz when it comes to sewing. Don't ask me how I got the thread twisted and knotted on the needle so bad I had to start over without even a first stitch made and that always happens to me when I sew. I don't get it? How can someone be sew (intended) clumsy around a sewing machine. I'm just all thumbs when it comes to a sewing machine. Don't get me wrong. I'm no amateur... I'm not an expert either but I have made many many items. But now I know why I don't sew much because every time I get around one I spend more time untying and unraveling knots than I do sewing. Does this happen to anyone else?



Sharon in NE said...

I just look at my sewing machine and the thread gets knotted up.

I like what you did to the rolodex card!!

My Paper World said...

Very cute!

michelle g. said...

I love it, great job with the color combo -and I like your sewing job! I also really like the CS image you used -very cute!

Vicki C said...

This is darling!

Margot Potter said...

I love this! I was looking at that mini machine at AC Moore. Do you like it? I was wondering if it would be easier for paper crafting.

Great work.

Happy New Year!



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