January 21, 2008

Ironic....isn't it?

I think F O C U S is a funny thing. Well supposedly what you F O C U S on you attract...right? So I no sooner chose my word for the year which we all know by now is
F O C U S. And what shows up in my world a couple of excellent articles in blogoland on
F O C U Sing. Isn't that funny how the universe works? Well sometimes because I
F O C U Sed on winning the lottery and that 2007 HGTV Dreamhome remember this one?? ...and I didn't even come close. So whats up with that? (OMG when I went to get the link to last years Dream home I just noticed THIS YEARS Dreamhome I am definitely F O C U Sing on this one again this year off to enter daily until I W I N) Anyway, as a reminder to myself here are the links to the thoughts on F O C U Sing. This link is to a blog titled LifeDev and an article titled "Keeping F O C U Sed While Beating Back Distractions and the other one to a blog titled Zen Habits had a good article on overcoming resistance (aka procrastination). If you expand the article, scroll down to number 3 in the list on the Zen blog it reads:

"3. Be very clear, and focus. Before you start the day, be very clear about what you want to accomplish. You won’t be able to finish 10 major projects, but maybe you can finish one important project, or at least move it along to a certain point. Set three Most Important Tasks you want to accomplish today. Once you have those things defined, you’ve got to focus on them to the exclusion of all else (at least, during your prime work time). Do them first. Focus, finish, then move on to the smaller tasks you need to complete today. If you find yourself being lured to do something that’s not on that short list of three things, bring yourself back and focus."

Then this blog post caught my eye. Click on the aptly named graphic to see the blog Homegrown Hospitality. Isn't that a great name for a blog.

It's a blog that I added to my reader recently.... I just love her doodle art and eyecandy on her blog. Funny but her post for today was about F O C U Sing. Seems to be a hot topic. Now off to attracting my Dream Home......

~misspriss ;D


Vicki C said...

I need a little more "focus" in my life also!

Sharon in NE said...

Sorry Liz...I have decided I would win this year. I love the Keys. Better focus on 2009.

Stephanie said...

and the great thing about the word FOCUS is...that you can focus on
the list goes on and on...just take it all one at a time....

Lizzie (your favorite niece of the 2 you have) said...

Well...I'm glad to see you know how spell Auntie Liz..but reading F O C U S kind of gave me a headache lol..so put the letters together next time. No spaces. haha.


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