January 26, 2008

...more Yadayadayada about F O C U S'ing than PRISSin

Just wanted to post a quick comment on how F O C U Sing went this week... I get a gold star or 2 stickers (as my daughter says...1 sticker if I eat right, 1 sticker if I exercise....isn't that precious she used "stickers" for my reward ) I made it through week-1 successfully focusing on health and fitness. I stuck to my no flour no sugar eating plan and completed daily exercise. Yay. Yes my mother and I are trying the no flour no sugar diet. The scale said I lost 5lbs but then fluctuated up/down 2 lbs daily. I honestly don't think I will EVER see the needle on the scale go DOWN. Grrrrrr. Anyway, we ran across this book while at BN last week and decided to go for it. It seems to be pretty simple to follow. Well, having my mother here preparing my brown bag meals for work helps... Sugar is so bad for us anyway so it won't hurt me to stay away from it (especially added extra processed sugar, natural sugar sources are ok on this plan). It's been an interesting week. I only had 3 temptations when I craved sweets. I was "good" and didn't cave, I grabbed a piece of fruit instead. Then this a.m. I almost just wanted toaster waffles (soy/flax/whole wheat) but that would have required sugary syrup so that would have been a nono and a slip from the good streak I am on. I thought it would have been quicker....but I stayed F O C U S'ed and I forced myself to prepare scrambled eggs with some veggies mixed in. I'm glad I did because it was just as satisfying as anything else. My mom and I were yackin' and concluded that it needs to be "forever" anyway so we just have to keep at it.

The work life/balance not so much... I worked way more than I F O C U S'ed on balance. I put in 4)11-12 hour days this week at work. Need to put a greater F O C U S on a greater work/life balance apparently.

Anyway, enough yackin for now....now I hope to do more PRISSn than yACKIN. How was everyone else's F O C U S this week?


Sharon in NE said...

I'm focusing on that Florida Keys dream home too.

michelle g. said...

Good for you!I strongly recommend Agave Nectar -it is so yummy (like cotton candy in the form of honey) and it doesn't raise your blood sugar index. I love it in my coffee too.

I have been so stressed in my new job -just so much to do, and you know how I am (can you say Type A? -at least I can admit it now!)

I will post today though. I need to strike a balance between work/life. Hopefully someday I'll learn and that someday is today!! ;)


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