December 07, 2008

As Promised.... Pics of more projects

Uploading pictures from projects inspired by other bloggers. When I saw this "Holiday Planner" over on Pine Feather's blog (she shares a great tutorial). It looked so easy peasy... my kind of thing....I just h2h one myself. I used a mix of products. The paper is (retired) SU designer series paper from last year. I used a generic white envelope folded in half to make the entire planner. Pretty and FUN to make. I might even make more for gifts. They'll have to go out early in that case.


I switched the paper pad from the left side to the right. This way the weight is carried on the correct side. It seemed top heavy when the paper was on the left side. I also cut a slit and slipped the cardboard backing of the paper pad into it to anchor it better vs. just gluing in down. I also added the A Muse calendar month "December" to have a date book too. The strip on the bottom edge of the calendar is a pocket for tags and coupons and such. Oops I need to punch a half circle on the lip of the pocket so it's easier to open. See Pine Feather

The right side (flap) is the opening of the envelope for housing receipts and such as we shop for the holidays.



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Anonymous said...

Mom! maybe one of these for every month would be beneficial for someone like myself with a business to gather receipts and keep them in order. Ooo Gurlll! L, Bess


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