December 28, 2008

Meet the Mayors of San Diego

BOOBOO wants to wish everyone a Very Happy Holiday. Isn't he just the best.... His real name is Prince but he goes by BOOBOO. I LOVE MY DOG. Is he not the most beautiful dog you EVER saw? He's part husky, collie, wolf mix (hehe). He got my heart the first time I ever laid eyes on him. I snapped this picture at the end of the day one day when I pulled up from after work. He was sitting there waiting for me all pretty with that cute little look on his face. Sitting in his favorite spot outside in the front yard. This dog has got everyone's heart wrapped around his little paws hence his title of the Mayor. Aliases besides BooBoo and Mr. Mayor... Monster Dog, Pigeon Toe, Mr. Dog, Yoda and on one single solitary occasion Bad Dog.

For all you people up in the Northwest, Oregon, the Midwest, such as Chicago.... I would like to apologize in advance for the green grass and sunshine. SOORY. My bad. ROFL. Since seeing all of the pictures lately of other parts of the country where I used to live I can't help but feel sooooo guilty I live in paradise. NOT. Yes that's GREEN grass in JANUARY. hahahahahaha. Hi Patty. hahahahaha

Mayor number 2

Some camophone pics of crazy people's houses when we went light hunting. Isn't that funny candy cane palm trees.

Pics don't do this neighborhood justice but I wanted to post a few to show

Somebody's garage.

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