December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

A simple manger

I add twinkle lights and sparse branches. I put this up every year and just love the simplicity of it.

Wow another Christmas past... I think I say it every year but this was the best Christmas EVER! It seemed as though the universe aligned and everything fell into place nicely. I don't know what it is/was but everything seemed charmed this year for the most part. For one thing no signature burned dish...I didn't burn one dish, which is my signature but not that's a Christmas Miracle in itself, the DH had more Christmas Spirit than any of us (another shocker). Well anyway it's hard to explained but it was magical. Here are some more pics in case anyone wanted to take a peak into my little corner of the world. These pics are from earlier in the day I am going to post more later as the day progressed.

The last ornament went onto the Advent Wreath. Here's my daughter putting up the final ornament today, the angel

I found this little Advent tree at a Fall Festival where I used to live in the Midwest. It is all wood and each ornament is hand carved. I've added a few over the years as I did lose a couple of the originals ornaments. Here it is all filled up for December 25, 2008.

More of my winter decorations, part of my snowman collection. All found at craft fairs over the years. Hand made by artists

My sister made me this snowman. I get him out every year. This is the view from my kitchen window. Look and weep my Chicago friends. Yes, that's still greenery. It's warm here. Well not exactly today but in general.

Winter garland I hung above my kitchen sink. I did blues and whites again this year.

Speaking of my kitchen sink... look what I found when I woke up this a.m. One of my presents from my daughters was fresh herbs (I asked for these I want to start an herb garden this winter. HA! bet ya can't say that if you live in CHICAGO, sorry sissy). How perfect a rosemary shaped like a tree.

I like to hang ornaments from the all of the mirrors in the house from suction cups. I think it's a nice touch and you get double beauty. You see the ornament itself and its reflection. I found this little vintage white wreath over at PAPERTALES (yes it's about the only store I shop at anymore). I knew when I saw it it was going to be one of my mirror ornaments. Isn't it cute?

Here's the little red cardinal... again I found this at PAPERTALES also. Bathroom mirror. He makes me happy.

Here's a few shots of my table. Nothing fancy really. My Grandmother Fanny's white table cloth. My Great Aunt Alice's silverware. My MIL Nanny Marge's dishes. Touches of tradition and memories all present at our Christmas Table. It's these finer details, the traditions that mean the most to me. More than the fancy shmancy anything.

Closeup of one place setting with my mistletoe scented candle

Zero in on the wine glass stem

See it?

My daughter wrapped red and white pipe cleaners around the stems. Isn't that so very CLEVER? Everybody loved it.

....and to all a good night

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