May 20, 2007

Miss Jillian, Prince's Girlfriend

This is the funniest thing. My dog (the one on the right) Prince has a girlfriend(except he is fixed). I did not know it but my dog Prince had gotten out and went down to Jillian's house for a visit. Jillian is his girlfriend. She is his twin. I call her mini me. She just brought Prince back home. I thought it was so funny because I didn't even know he was out and the next thing I find out he is back and that he had gone down to visit his friend, mini me Jillian. Isn't she cute. She is about half the size of Prince. But it's ironic how closely matched they are in coloring. She is like a shelty. Prince is husky/collie mix and I love him sooooo much.

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Kim said...

Hi! Wanted to say thank you for your feedback on the baby onesies in a can (gee, I need to think of some snazzy name for onesies in can isn't all that appealing!). I really do appreciate your kind response!! Thanks again!

Jan Scholl said...

I had a female husky and she was so small-the runt. Isnt love grand even in the non-human species? I have a threesome of squirrels who hang out near my deck cussing out the dog. its pretty funny.then they cuss me out for not making the dog go inside when they want to leave the yard

Anonymous said...

where are you from? my dog jada who is about 6 years old looks ecactly like your prince.


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