December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Well it seems that everyone has figured out and has made their NY's resolutions... Well true to form I am still working on mine. I guess if I could get them all figured out by today I am not late yet. I am going to be working up a list for myself today (I think I will go out to a nice coffee shop somewhere and pull out my pretty new blank journal and start there.

Isn't this journal pretty? You cannot see the back but it has the same image as the front only it looks just like it was dry embossed into the black leather it's not color on the back just the outline of the same image. I used to be a stained glass artist for 10 years so I guess that is what drew me to it when I was at borders the other day) ....which is an improvement for me because most generally I DON'T BOTHER MAKING THEM. Something has been different with me of late of which I can't explain other than it feels like the cloud has lifted (I could give tons of boring history on said "cloud" but I prefer to provide the short version of the story for now, wink wink). Suffice it to say that I feel God's grace and presence all around me. As my mother says...I'll take it whatever it is... so for the short story long version... after all of this blather.... alls I am trying to say is OMG I actually FEEL like making a list now THAT IS AN IMPROVEMENT. So stay tuned and maybe I can even boor you with the details of said list. and even maybe post something creative to boot because I am onto valentines day?

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