October 20, 2007


OK so I don't know what was wrong with my computer??? But it appears to be resolved FOR NOW. I do however have everything backed up that I needed to back up safely on CDs. Mainly my pics. Everything I have (in the last 6 years at least) is digital so that would be a huge chunk of scrapbook fodder =D to lose. I've yet to scrapbook much AT ALL and have 20 years of photos to scrap as it is. I just got into this whole scrap and stamp cult/realm 2.5 years ago?? It wasn't even on my radar screen before this. Don't ask me why... it seems such a natural crafty thing for ME to be in. I mean I've done crosstitch, stained glass, etc... and never saw papercrafts??? Weird. Plus I don't know why I didn't do it when my kids were little and I was a SAHM. That would have been such a great activity during those years. =(. I even was a scout leader and remember looking for some project ideas for the troop. But I do love it and have lots of supplies now, so if I ever do find time to scrap I CAN. I have organized my photos (the historical ones aka the last 25 years) somewhat, so they are ready to go. I pitched and sorted. I think I sorted by year and maybe theme? I chose a few "favorites" so they are ready for pages when I get ready to create. I don't know if any of you have done that but that is a BIG JOB. I think I will begin with the few kits I've collected. Did anyone ever see that Lisa Bearnson CK set on QVC a while back? It was the auto-ship 4 scrap album set...."All about me", All about you" All about the year" etc... (I forget what it was titled) Well I have that set and it is just waiting to be used. I love it. Maybe I will take some pics to share sometime. I have assembled the first one which was "All about me". That one was difficult for me to do because I am such a Maxine and I find it hard to conjure up things about "Me" but that was an eye opener in itself. Like hey you! where did you go? Anway, completing the "All about me" album was a struggle on a multitude of levels but I did manage to complete(well close to complete if I remember correctly I may a couple of items that need finishing in the album).. Anyway blah blah blah.... my computer is back for now ( I think it was user-error aka my family when I am at work and they are left to their own devices). Sometimes I don't know how people manage to screw things up with a computer as bad as they do. Seriously, sometimes I will get trouble calls both at work and in my personal life and I always say to the person.... how did you even manage this? I don't think I could re-create it if I tried. My mom and my sister Patty (and her entire family (4 kids nuff said?) for that matter...they have had more new computers than ANYONE EVER). There I mentioned my sister Patty hahahahahaha before Kay in a post. She's gonna love that. My mom does some weird stuff on a computer that even a reboot won't take care of ;D. Have a great HAPPY SATURDAY everyone. I am hoping to get to ground-zero in the housework so I can do some fun stuff like stamp/scrap. I took the dog for a walk this a.m. and got my schtuff to the dry cleaners already so I am off to a running start. ~later

Oh p.s. stay tuned on the ultra sound for the twins... drat...

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