October 14, 2007


When I made this card at my upline Debby's "stamper's choice" card class I just new I had to have this set. Henry David Thoreau is one of my all time favorite poets. How appropriate that the thougth of the day is also Thoreau. I used to read his "shtuff" all the time when I was in college. Anyway, it was a hostess set, and by the time I decided to get it... it was gone... so I ended up purchasing it on evilbay oh I meant ebay (did I say that out loud?) Oh come on you know you feel the same way. It's only evil because I buy so much shtuff from there. Yet another love-hate relationship I have. Don't ya just love this card? Design rights go-to my upline Debby! Now go on out and try and affect the quality of your day. Monday is on it's way. boohoo. I'm ready for it. Then, GOOD Tuesday, mammogram day. (my attempt at trying to be positive). Sorry this picture is so dark. I'm such an amateur.

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