October 24, 2007

We're Back Safe and Sound

Just a quick post because I am exhausted.... evacuation is soooooooo stressful and I can't even imagine the stress involved with losing everything. OMG I was never so happy and grateful to be back in my home. Yes, it's full of ashes, dust, odor (think campfire times 10) but I still have my home. Air quality isn't the greatest (ya think?), my lungs hurt, we have purchased masks but they are hot and don't know how effective they really are. I was nearest the "witch"

fire. How appropriate is THAT!!! I mean it was like HELL I tell you so witches and goblins etc very appropriate to name a fire that (oh I know its satan that is in hell and not witches that's halloween but you know what I mean???). I think they name it after it's point of origin so I think this one started near witch creek or something like that.

I thought about all of my bloggin' friends and my craft while I was gone. I had to leave everything behind and didn't pack much. Guess what did get stashed in a basket in the minutes I had? All of my A Muse stamps, my new copic markers and the nestabilities. That was it. Nothing else. I just kept seeing all of that melted rubber and I just shudder to think. I am taking work off tomorrow for one day regroup but hopefully will get back to my office on Friday. Just in time for meetings I am ill- prepared for. =(


Julie said...

I am so happy for you and your family, Liz!!! Thank god...

michelle g. said...

woohoo! We all made it through safe and sound too.

you should skip work all together this week! it will be there waiting on monday!

Karen Gladney said...

Glad that you are home and safe. That must have been stressful.

I would have taken the copics and nestabilities and as many stamps as I could. Hard decisions.

Get some rest and enjoy your weekend.


Jules said...

Oh thank goodness you are home and safe. We have been watching the news reports over here in the UK and it's been terrifying watching it all. How it must feel to be caught up in it, well, I just can't imagine.


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