October 08, 2007

Sisters are Great! Both IRL and Cyber PRISSy Sisters

Hear ye' hear ye' good mail day in the house. Lookie what I got in the mail recently from my in real life (IRL) sister Kay? My sister sent me this exceptionally cute Autumn card. I am pretty sure that the stamps are from "Close to my Heart" as this is the co. that she is involved with. It's so cute I just wanted to share it and send a big thank you back to my sister for making it for me.

AND I wanted to take this opportunity to share this card and to shout out another quick HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my new cyber-sis Vickie over at "This Art that makes me Happy". (No Vicki I am not stalking you ;D). I really am just wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY girlfriend. ROFL. Unless you think I am your number one S_tamp TALKER which then of course in stampspeak I am your S_Talker. Cause I like to Talk Stamps. Hey I'm just kidding ok? I like to talk stamps that's it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY I hope you had a great day!

Funny story about my IRL sister: She introduced me to stamping a couple of years ago before I "got it" ;D. I remember I was visiting her house near Springfield, MO and she showing me her little craft room and this box of stamps, inks, papers. I remember saying OMGosh what do you do with all of those stamps?? I couldn't get into that!!!! I'd get way too confused. I wouldn't know where to start. I just shook my head and hung it down in disbelief. Feeling a tad sorry for my sister thinking she must be obsessed. Well I must be a hands on person because fast forward a couple of years I was invited to a SU 10/10 card class from a co-worker. I thought. Why not sounds like fun. 10 cards for $10. That's pretty reasonable and I could always stock up on some cards for later. I instantly "got it" as I made cards (hands on) at my first card class and the rest.... as they say is history. Now my sister views my blog and crafty space pics that I've posted on my blog and she just shakes her head and hangs in disbelief right back at me. I just can't wait if she ever visits so I can show off my stuff and play together with her. Now that I "get it" ROFL.


Anonymous said...

what does a girl got to do to get a mention. crap i'm a frl sister too, but nooooo we talk about k. aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

Vicki C said...

Arent you just the sweetest!!!!
I have been so busy.. I feel like I've been in a cave lately, I've been so busy with projects.. and I've been missing my blog sisters, SO MUCH !!
Thank you for the birthday wishes, and the big smile on my face!!


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