October 17, 2007

Is Mercury in retrograde???????

My computer is VERY unstable. I came home to the dreaded blue screen. It's been acting up off/on for a while now? I started backing up in Apr. Got a few things done. Stop/start. Actually backed up all my daughters pics first so hers are at least preserved. I mean she had Thailand, Italy, Europe, Ireland and a ton of other pics so I am glad I did hers first. Was then going to get to mine. Well when I came home this eve and was barely able to recover (I rebooted dozens of times with no avail) Well finally I got a restored screen. I was really sweating buckets. So I am in major backup mode right now. Mainly I am starting with my digi pics to CDs. I think I am pretty good on My docs so those will be next after the pics finish copying. I just have never backed up pics. Once I download them from the camera... that's it... I do nothing more with them. So I am scurrying to get the pics all to CDs. Yikes pretty scary. Anyway, I see a new computer in my very near future. I have been at training all day and am away from my computer and email until Monday. So you might not see much blog posting for a few days. Plus I might not have a computer period for a few days longer than that. I hate computer crashes but at the same time always LOVE new hardware. ;D I think I am going to get a laptop this time but not sure. My husband and I are much more mobile and wifi so we'll see... What a job. What are your systems for storing digi pics everyone? Love to hear some processes that work for you.


Julie said...

Again soo soon? I can't weather another retrograde so close to the last one!

Vicki C said...

OH... I HATE computer problems! Nothing makes me meltdown quicker than that! I'm thinking I need to invest in a laptop also..but then will I ever get AWAY from it?lol


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