October 16, 2007

Whew that's over

I finished my mammogram today. Ok so I need a pat on the back, I told you I was a baby. Good news bad news. The good news is the initial look came back with an "almost" certain it's a cyst. Bad news because even though they are "almost " certain (almost being the operative word no pun intended)... they are requesting I follow up with an additional procedure of a ultra sound. GREAAAAAAAAAAAAT. I mean "you can go" would have been a great day. A "let's just make sure" with a follow up ultra-sound not my idea of a GREAT day. So there you have it and more anxiety to come. Stay tuned. Thanks for all the well wishes. EDITED TO ADD: I should add I have a history of cysts. So many so that I haven't had them all checked out at times (too many same ole same ole) This time because of the "time" of year being breast cancer awareness month I thought I would be a woman good citizen and follow-up for a change and for myself too. Plus I will be 50 this year and wanted to start the decade out with a clean bill of health and promise myself to get regular health screenings going forward. Being good to me so to speak. I never intended to use my blog to discuss such "things" but hey I thought I would contribute the steps I have taken for this awareness month. If I discuss my struggle to even get myself to a check check maybe I will spur someone else on to making their appointment too. Go a head encourage yourself go go do it do it. Early detection is the KEY.

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Karen Gladney said...

I had a scare like that last year. I found a lump and went through the usual yearly mammogram and then the ultrasound. It turned out to be just what they called "old tissue" seems this is normal when you are over 40..seems it all goes down hill then for sure.

My hopes and prayers are with you.




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