October 13, 2007

IRL Sissys

HAHAHA I have to laugh. If you go down to my earlier post about IRL sisters. You will notice there is only one comment from an "anonymous" poster. What is hilarious about this is it is from one of my "other" IRL sisters
who did not get a mention on the blog lately. So she just had to leave me a comment about that fact. Sibling rivalry exists still and we are pushing 40 something.

Anyway, I KNOW for a fact that it is my one and only IRL sister Patti. How... you ask... do I know this? Well,

A. she's the lo-tech one,
hence the "anonymous" nature of her comment. She wouldn't know how to create a logon name to save her life. ROFL
B. she is the only one that would scream aaaaaaggggghhhhh out of the frustration of NOT getting a mention on my blog before the other IRL sister Kay.
C. I just know my sisters.

Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of pictures of my sisters. We all live so far apart in different parts of the country, it is rare we get a photo together or even individual ones. We have to do something about this. So I will use a photo we took at a family reunion at my sister Kay's farm in Missouri (there I go again mentioning Kay first, oops) The picture below is the last sister picture we took. It was July 4th 2006 (or tribal council

and one of us is getting voted off) last year. From left to right, oldest to youngest, it's Mary, Kay, Liz (Me) and Patti. Patti (aka anon).... or should I say from right to left, youngest to oldest, Patti the QUEEN, Liz (Me), that 2nd one and the first one. Yeah that would probably make Patti the QUEEN happy. I just love having 3 sisters IRL don't they look fun? (Except that one on the far end to the right). Oh I should mention, Mary's a nurse, Kay's doing transcription right now at the hospital, I'm the tech writer and Patti well she's trouble. NO she's a fantabulous SAHM to 4 wonderful children and a grand baby. They are all pretty crafty. Mary scrapbooks, Kay is an amazing crocheter and also likes paper crafts and Patti is also a hoarder of scrap booking schtuff. Notice I said hoarder and not doer of. Yep she hoards lots of schtuff. I might post some more family pics later.

For now...

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