October 22, 2007


OMG yes I have been affected by the fires in southern CA. The mandatory evacuation area was anything north of Hwy 56 and E of the 5. I live one mile N of the 56 and just a couple of miles S of the most severely hit Rancho Bernardo area. This picture is within miles of where I live and could be me for all I know!!! I do not know if when I get back my home will still be there. Yes this is very near my home. We fled the area at 3 a.m going East on 8 to El Centro. We are staying at a Comfort Inn Suites and are safe. We grabbed our doggie, photos, important papers, passports, the backup CDs to my computer [remember the ones I had to do because of computer craziness just a couple of days ago] and a few clothing items and left. Literally the clothes on our backs is all we have that would fit in our vehicles. Let me tell you when you have to grab and go it is really interesting what you are leaving behind and what you take. It really makes you think about priorities. My company was closed today and I still have not had word when we will open to go back to work. I am borrowing a computer to post this message. The air quality is so poor that my lungs still hurt from the night before when we slept in the smoky air. This fire had started way south yesterday around 9 a.m. so we knew they were in the area plus Malibu was involved but that is in LA so we weren't worried. I did not get a chance to take any of my craft room stuff. So it was ALL left behind which if I lose my stamps and art supplies I don.t know what I will do. I am typing on an Italian Mac right now and I can.t find apostrophe.s. Oh I just noticed that part of the time I did find them and now I can't. OMG too funny. I guess when I don't look I find them when I look I can't. Whatever. I hope everyone else is ok. I will keep you posted. EDITED TO ADD: THIS literally was my backyard in June


Jan Scholl said...

all that matters is that you are safe-stuff can be replaced. Wish I knew a rain dance to send your way. Will check back soon.

michelle g. said...

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. We are still okay, but worried. We are packing up our stuff -I was considering taking retired SU stamp sets as those seem irreplaceable, but there is always ebay ;)!

These fires are just insane. I am keeping my fingers crossed and prayers aimed high. Oh, I wish these winds would stop!

Vicki C said...

Oh my gosh Liz, I just popped over here to let you about linking you on my blog for "people who make me smile"...but OH MY..THIS is not making me smile! I had NO idea that you were this close to the fires. PLEASE keep us posted .. I'll be checking back and Praying that all is well. Be safe friend!! I'm sending you a HUGE hug!!!

Vicki C said...

Liz.. I've thought of you a number of times today.. hoping you are okay there. Keeping you in my prayers! Vicki


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