October 27, 2007

Before & After Pics don't have any

Whew I just finished cleaning my patio, kitchen and living room. What a big job. to clean up after the Witch Fire. Ok maybe I am taking it too far....with all my witch fire smileys.

Ash and cinder everywhere. We had the windows closed up but they don't have a perfect seal and stuff still gets through. Well it is very fine particles anyway so this got through as well. There is black soot everywhere. I wish I could have taken before and after pics (you should see the soot all over the place) but my daughter needed the camera in New York with her this weekend. I am so glad she had a trip and somewhere to go to get out of here because the air quality is still baddo. I also wish I had something pretty to post instead of just my blahblahblah. I am taking breaks in between cleaning and just felt like chatting with bloggoland.
  • I first vacuumed,
  • then I scrubbed,
  • I moved all of the small articles on counters and whatnot to the center of the room on a table,
  • then I cleaned everything off top to bottom
  • then I vaccuumed again
Ok that's just a part of it but it's done in those three areas. The patio was another matter. That took me all day yesterday to sort out from hosing down everything to pitching and sorting, feeding/watering the birds. I don't have a bird bath but decided to construct some out of some saucers that go under my flower pots. I had some bigger ones that I wasn't using so I cleaned them, set them on top of the flower pots instead of under and filled them with water. Making a makeshift bird bath. I made 2 of them. I thought the little birdies were probably all traumatized and thirsty toooooo. But then the squirrels seemed to use it more.

Things seem to take me longer anyway. My cousin and I were just talking yesterday about how when our babies were little and we kept house. I used to be able to get up in the morning, houseclean the entire house including washing all floors, tubs, showers etc... the hard stuff and take care of the kids, and have the meals on the table. We could accomplish this in a day. Now I don't know whether I am just doing things more thoroughly or what but I am lucky if I get one small area finished in one day. Aging gracefully I suppose. It's all been very stressful as you can imagine.

Thanks for listening!

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Vicki C said...

Oh , you seem pretty ..on top of things to me girl! You have had ALOT going on lately! I'm glad you are okay ( fire-wise) and I'm SO proud of you for taking care of yourself with Doctor checkups. We all need to do that. I was forced to for hubby's work insurance this past week, ...physical stuff and paperwork..ick... but I know , deep down.. it's a good thing.
( I just wish they could skip the whole "weighing" thing. ish!!!


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