July 04, 2008

Friday Freebie WooHoo!! A picture and a Free Pattern

Y'all know I just love all things vintage. Well I have this cute little potholder, much loved, stains and all that I thought I'd share. It's so faded and discolored I really couldn't tell you what color it supposed to be. It's a very cool solid gray on the front. The back is a vintage calico print gray, green and white. Here is the color key for the embroidery thread:

Flowers, tongue = Real Red
Leaves and stems = Certainly Celery
Eye = Black
Nose, ear, tail, toes = grey or bordering blue

I can't tell but I think it is an elephant or a puppy but I am leaning towards an elephant. The overall size...measurement from nose to tail is 6 in. and ring to center of feet is 5 in. I am not sure if my pattern will upload true to size or if you will have to tweak it after printing it out to enlarge or shrink to meet the left to right top to bottom size. I have never created a hand drawn pattern so we'll have to see if this is helpful or not. I just tried something. If you copy the pattern and paste it into a word document, then resize the picture to 5x6 and print it out. It is the correct size. Have Fun!

Remember this is a very special pattern because it is one-of-a-kind hot pad from my great aunt's home. She died at 92 and it's just a small treasure I was able to snag up before it was all picked over by the coyotes. Well ok they don't have coyotes in Wisconsin. Hehe. But is so cute so remember me when you use it as its a small token but part of my family heirloom collection. Best of all it's free for you my PR!SSY Pals. If anyone ends up making one please be sure and take a picture of it and send me the link. I will be glad to showcase it on The Prissy Place and would of course love to see what you did with it.




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