July 02, 2008

Desert Colors Inspiration

I just love the colors from the desert. Tonight on my walk I snapped some quick shots with my phone camera. Surprisingly it takes pretty great photos. Modern technology don't ya' just love it!! I know I do. Living in the desert southwest I am just mesmerized by the beauty and the subtleties of the color palette. I love the details in the close up of the thistle below. We have so much to be grateful for and nature and its beauty always reminds me of this. If you look really closely on the first photo you will see the whites, saffrons, gray and even green. I am sure someone else could have done a really nice job with photo editing software with this photo. Enjoy!

Color palette

Did you know the thistle is a protected plant? (Above)

Dried seed pods~ I just love the muted desert colors.
They are so natural and beautiful (above)

Desert flower

Thistle close up ~ isn't that periwinkle bordering on purple color vibrant?

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