July 09, 2008

I Didn't Mention It But..... rambling thoughts on organizational stuff...

I am on vacation this week from work. Just chillin' at the homestead doin' my own thang. I actually had time to go through my personal electronic inbox and do some housekeeping and what not. I was going to use this time to just get caught up on things that I have been meaning to do, sleeping in, etc. Possibly paint my bedroom. I am usually way too ambitious and the spirit is willing but the flesh is so weak. Nothing special. Just a week of ME time which is at an all time low around these parts. ANYWAY, enough blahblah. I took a screen shot of my in-box and just thought I'd share. Doesn't that look nice? I cleared the decks for new info. Space-cleared my electronic space. Basically I move stuff I want to keep into aptly titled sub-folders. I also go through each email and either save or deleted, or print it out for further action etc. After I go through my entire email in-box and I have all of the emails I want to save for whatever reason (I could probably delete it all and wouldn't miss it) I move them to a folder I create titled in-box archive. Then I have one empty new in-box of which I can start anew. When I started this I had over 3,000 old emails of one kind or another. I usually sort by name and keep the latest and greatest per name and delete the rest. I also flag any newly created identities (sign-ons and passwords). Then I sort by flag if I am ever looking for one I can't remember. I usually move these to a folder name "Tech" for all of my tech info that I don't want to lose. I move all of the electronic bill emails to a sub-folder titled bills. I then print the email for that bill and get to gettin' on paying those buggers as needed. It was just such a sight to behold an empty in-box... I had to share. Inbox-zero messages. boingboing yayayay

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