July 16, 2008

Christmas in Jay U of L Y

I'm copy-ing and sharing with everyone. I saw this card on one of the A Muse Designers sites and knew immediately it had to be one of my Christmas Cards this year. So I got started on them right away. I try to make all of my cards and that usually totals approximately 50-60. I made 5 of these so far and will probably make 10 total of this design. Last year I used 5 different designs and made approx. 10 of ea design. I was last minute lizzy last year so hopefully since I've gotten bit by the AMAP creative bug maybe I will have them done in JULY this year. Wow not that would be impressive. The source card used the sentiment (which I will do later) "On Earth Peace" but I had this other A Muse Sentiment "May Peace be with you" and thought it was poyfect. I just love blue and white. I love the maidera (sp) notecards from A Muse. I love the newest background stamp matching the print on the cardstock. I love the transparency of the peace dove flying off of the background image. This card was just so peaceful to me I had to have it. Did I tell ya I loved it? Enjoy~~

Post Script: the ribbon although vintage really IS NOT DIRTY. It's just the way the camera aka me shot the picture. IRL it's a really pretty off white. Not dishwater grey. It is very old ribbon. I snagged it at a gsale last year and finally quit hoarding it. hahaha

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