July 12, 2008

Too Much of a Good Thing is A Good Thing!?!?

Hellooooooooo fellow crazy stampers. Anyone with me? More AMAP pics to share. I just got back from (guess where) you guessed it PAPER TALES again!!! EDITED TO ADD: I just needed to say that Michelle White and Helle (and everyone over at Paper Tales) are the bestest, mostest, funnest people you ever want to meet. Michelle does such a nice job over at her new store. They are super talented and every detail is thought of at any of the events we go to. We always feel VERY welcome. Love those girls. I took a class with Miss Scoopy herself and I have to tell ya' SHE WAS FANTASTIC FUN. The designs were so special and just as I suspected there was tons of free stuff and drawings of which yes I did win a little grab bag of Colorbox goodies. I'm just waiting to see who WINS the LITTLE RED BAG FILLED WITH GOODIES. Its got my name written all over it, hint hint. No it's a totally random drawing and I am just hoping that the little red bag fairies are sprinkling some lucky karma my way.

All pictures (above captions) This was our name plate buckets filled with taffy. Yummo. We also got exclusive to AMAP activites limited edition see the little papers in the back of the bucket and the Happy Holiday stamp?

All pictures (above captions) Sorry this is so blurry but you can see the sketch and the design. I learned a cool masking glittering technique with this card. See how straight the top of the glitter line is?

All pictures (above captions) How cozy is this card? huh huh? These cards were all designed by Scoopy or JPebs also known as Pebbles. I am not sure which are which but I overheard Scoopy say something in class but I wasn't paying attention. I just do know that a couple of these cards were designed by JPebs. How cool is that? I love her stuff she is so talented I follow her blog as well. Surprise surprise. I think I have 250 blogs in my reader. Who knew?

All pictures (above captions) HOW JOLLY IS THIS CARD?

All pictures (above captions) OK I never got to snag the mail truck we practically bought out the place but I'll definitely keep it on my wish list. woohoo. This is so cute.

How Sweet is this??

Have Fun!


michelle g. said...

These cards are great! I need to take a class with you guys over at PT!!!!!

Emilia said...

each card is super cute...wow! made me want to by their stamps... (which is not good to my wallet)! tks for sharing them!

Helle Greer said...

Hey Girlfriend,
Thanks so much for coming to AMAP.
It was GREAT fun to have you there as always.
Thanks you also for your kind words.
We will be shopping for more fun stuff in Chicago, to please our great customer.


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