July 06, 2008

Vicki's Crafty Secrets Card Challenge - All Together Now -

Here is my submission for Vicki's Crafty Secret card challenge.

We each received a package of supplies to use as many or few as we like. I used Crafty Secrets new Bird Lovers set for my stamps. I just love the sentiment on the little placard thats says "All Together Now". That reminds me of me. It seems I'm always the ring leader trying to get everyone together all of the time. All Together Now folks lets sing in harmony. ROFL. Hardly EVER works that way but its fun to think it can. hehe. Anyway, I did this last night until 1 in the morning. The spirit moved me to create so I decided to get busy on my submission for this challenge (they are due on the 7th HELLO). I think it needs more, like a bow or something but I like how it turned out. Some of the finer details are... I doodled around the scalloped frame to give it some movement. I also used Crafty Secrets Cherubs set for some subtle flourishes in the background like the music was wafting around in the air above the tree. Whatever that was corny. I really liked how I basket weaved the checked ribbon. That was a last minute addition to the design. The corner of the weave is where I think it needs a bow but it was 1 am and I was tarred. I also like how I used the lacy bow to create a scallop on the bottom of the Crafty Secret card stock. If it wasn't for card challenges or swaps I don't think I would ever get any creating done. So I am very grateful for these because it makes me get busy in my craft room again. I miss it so much. But life always seems to step in and crowd my fun stuff out. Anyway, that was bordering on a whine (you know my favorite past time anymore). Hey I haven't whined in a long time I think I am getting better. Oh and here is who kept me company last night into the wee hours of the morning while I was creating. He curled up on my craft table in the corner and was there for the duration. It was so cute I wish I would have snapped a picture but this one from the morning will have to do. He doesn't like getting his picture taken. He doesn't run but he also doesn't cooperate. Pumpkin (we call him punky or doodoo) is my daughters cat. She is down from LA visiting for the month in-between apartments. She moved out of her apartment because her neighbors were difficult and parking turned out to be a bear. So I get to have a new cat friend for the month too. She might need to watch out or else I will have to keep him. =D

I hope you enjoy my creation. I enjoyed it and was glad with a capitol G to be back doing some fun in my craft room. Thanks Vicki for hosting this wonderful card challenge.

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Vicki C said...

Oh Liz.. I'm so so glad you got to play along! Your card it gorgeous!


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