November 01, 2007


I know I have been really lame lately with my blog. Nothing but fires and Dr.'s appointments to report. bleh. WELL as long as we are on the subject... they are threatening that the Santa ana winds will be back this weekend. Ack.

Update on the Dr. mammogram required another look see with an ultra sound. That appointment will be on Nov 7th. PLUS, I had my well-woman-check-up today. Another stellar day in the life of misspriss. BUT I have to say it really wasn't that bad (I only had one panic attack =D on the way over in the car) and I was REALLY proud of myself.

A. because my mammo report (the official one... not just the diagnostic look) was in and the general MD read it and told me it looked really good and that the ultra sound is a very common post-mammo test ordered. She said if the report was "bad" she would have seen a lot more use of the word "suspicious" and there was not a single "suspicious" in the report. So THAT WAS GOOD NEWS!

B. because I am caught up on my check-ups for my age range;

C. they hooked me up with the flu shot and tetanus (did you know they bundle shots now and I had the tetanus/whooping cough vaccine combo)?

D. my Dr. was very proud of me because I REQUESTED a bone density and colonoscopy. She said normally she has to drag people in to get them. I said I wanted one because I want to be ALL CAUGHT UP and get them over with until next time.

Whew. Now that I have bordered on tmi and bored you all with a day in my life.... but hey if I help one person to not be afraid and to get their tests updated too, I will be happy. will feel so much better once you do! (big talker I am now, you should have heard me this a.m. before my appointment)

~be well

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Julie said...

Good for you! I ate one of the recalled pizzas for lunch this afternoon...


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