April 11, 2008

B is for Boy ~More Inchie Art Fun

Well here is my second installment of inchie art. Like I said before using the alphabet to create my first inchie art collection. I used the A Muse fishing boy (B) and doodled the wording to spell boy. These are fun but I can see how as with anything my style will evolve with these. But for now the boy is pretty simple. I colored him with markers and that was it no glitter nothing (gasp choke cough). I did use black embossing powder to prevent the ink from bleeding when using my Copics. You really can't tell but these are 1"x 1". I wish my photog skills were better so I could demonstrate the scale of an object but when I try to photog it on my matte on the counter surface the focus and flash didn't adjust. So to at least get a clear picture I had to take it from further away but this doesn't allow me to show the size. Photographers chime in I'd love to hear your tips or tricks. It might be my camera too because I think I might need a new one. The focus and flash both seem to have lost some consistency. I chose a boy for my B piece because I love boys. Don't you? Men are so cool... boys/men it doesn't matter... there very interesting species... fun to be around and fun to watch... I guess you could say yes I'M BOY CRAZY... who ME? My husband will be happy to hear that I am sure. hahahahahaha. EDITED TO ADD: For a while there I think I hated boys (now that I think about it a bit) but they kind of grow on ya' ...wink wink... they have a way of doing that!?@?!

1 comment:

michelle g. said...

Your inchies are fantastic! I love the embossing on them!!!Super super cute.


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