April 25, 2008

Blink Blink Blink

Haha blog ink (BLINK, remember?) alert. Well me and the PRISSy Pals are S U P E R excited WHY because some other PRISSy Pals Michelle White over at Paper Tales and Helle over at Pink Latteland are opening a store in our neighborhood. (Even though I am still MAD at Helle 'cause she won the big kahuna last year for Amuseapalooza something like $250 worth of A Muse Stamps, she stole it from me... no wonder she's opening a store she needed SOMEWHERE to store ALL of those stamps. I'm not bitter really) I thought I'd give some blink to the peeps because anyone opening up a new place for us PRISSy Pals to hang out is my new BPPF. What's that you say? Best Prissy Pals Forever OF COURSE. So if you are ever in the San Diego area.... make sure you pop in and say HI to these two gals. I've never met them IRL cause you know they are my VIRTUAL BPPFs but half the time ya feel like you know these people cause ya' follow their blogs year round. Blogoland is like that in a weird way. That is such with modern life. But I can't wait to meet some blogoland friends IRL and I am sure we will see a lot of each other now that they are opening up a store in my neck of the woods. woohoo


Michelle M White said...

WOW!!! Thanks! We can't wait to see you IRL too...we're excited and it's going to be fun!

Anonymous said...

Do they have a website?

Helle Greer said...

Hey girlfriend...
Thanks soooooo much, can't wait to meet you, and get the party started, LOL
See you very soon ;-)

Buffedstuff said...

oops I think I deleted the wrong comment that you sent, sorry, I will see what I can do about all things blogger.


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