April 02, 2008


I must admit I've been out of commissions of sorts... I've caught a nasty bug and I've been sick since Saturday. Well it started Saturday and gradual got worse as the days went on. Monday and Tuesday by far being the worst days yet. Just when I thought I was turning a corner the headache set in. I went into work on Monday for part of the day left early and have been off Tues and Wed. (today). I don't plan on going in today either because it appears I need one more day to recoup. =C. I don't like it. You always know it's really bad when you have ALL of this extra time off and you can't even do anything crafty because your head is going to explode if you lift it off your pillow. I haven't had a whine post in a while you've got to admit....I've been pretty positive....I guess I was due.


Jackie said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. Staying home from work to play is one thing but it's no fun to be sick and unable to stamp! Take care of yourself :-)

Vicki C said...

If you want to play along when you feel better, I tagged you sweetie~!


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