April 12, 2008


I went to the dermatologist today. Just a routine check up but I had a whole body check. It wasn't too painful for me to strip down to my undies in front of a total stranger and put a gown on(eek I'm glad doctors don't die of fright). My daughter is a massage therapist and she was treating me to a massage for a b'day gift for me a couple of months ago and she noticed a couple of moles she recommended I get checked out. They are trained to look for stuff like this during massage. Well that was a couple of months ago but I made an appointment right away. It took me 2.5 months to get in but the day finally arrived for my appointment and I kept it (faithfully I can easily flake on dr.'s appointments). I checked out fine. They even check your scalp for you. I had several frozen off (all on my back) and I had 2 removed that required shot and cutting. They didn't hurt too bad. He wasn't worried about any of them but of course will send them to the lab for diagnosis. Why do I discuss? Just another PSA for all my prissy pals out in blogoland if you haven't had your full body skin exam make your appointments today. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Wear your sunscreen!! Melanoma is such a deadly cancer don't let it get you. OH a happy side note. You know my doctor was like 25 they all are these days they keep getting younger and I keep getting older. Well he asked me what year I was born in almost as if he was doing a double take. Now mind you he already read the chart and I had to write down my DOB several times on different forms so he already knew my DOB. So I told him 1958 and I said YEAH that makes me FIFTY YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT. Yep that's exactly what I said. He says no not at all in fact he says you look so young I can't believe that you were born in 1958. Now this was right after he examined my face with a magnifier light and everything. Then he proceeds to say but you probably get that all the time don't you. NO really. So either he was just trying to be nice or he's blind but either way it made my day after that. I asked him if I needed stitches on the two that her cut off and he said no he would use a laser to cauterize to stop the bleeding. I had to laugh I said hey can you stop the bleeding in my life with that thing too? Can you imagine? When your life is a train wreck and it's heading for the ditch (bleeding all over the place) just grab the laser cauterizing gun and zap the shit out of it. Do ya think that would work? That was the random thought I had when he said he was going to laser cauterize me. He didn't get my sense of humor but then again I didn't really care. The nurse during intake was asking me a series of routine questions and she asked me if I ever had a reaction to topical numbing agents (aka shots) my response yes, loud screaming. Well it is a reaction but alas I think she meant allergic reaction.

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michelle g. said...

Lol. You are too funny.

I say "kick and run" -that is what you do to the docs when they want to "numb" you or when they say "this will only hurt a little bit" -translation: this will be the worst pain you feel in your life- so I say kick 'em (so they can't catch you) and run.

But I'm proud of you for going. My doc proposed (threatened)to give me a shot in the neck again if I still had headaches next time I saw him. Well, I haven't seen him since!!! (bad I know ;) )


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