April 16, 2008

You Mean Everything to Me and a Memorium


Me and Uncle Harry

If you knew my Uncle Harry you would know that this photo of him in the red flannel shirt and equally impressive red hat was QUINTESSENTIAL Harry. Every time he came for a visit he had some kind of gorgeous hat and shirt on. I think he was always trying to impress the ladies. What a CUTEY. Look at that little grin he has. He always had that little mischievous grin on his face too. He was quite the handsome fellow and if you could have seen him in his younger years wowser. Look at that head of hair too. He had my gramma Fanny's eyes. He was just such a special person. He also sported a long long pony tail and with that gorgeous hair he could get away with it. He always looked native American Indian to me but that was probably just his Italian in him from my Gramma's side Fanny Evangelisto-Plunkett.

My uncle had a large family and lived a very very hard life. He lost his oldest and first born son to a tragic accident when he was only 20. He spent the balance of his life giving back to his kids. You see...he wasn't a very nice person while they were growing up because he was a mean alcoholic. But he quit drinking over 30 years ago and spent the rest of his life making it up to his kids in every way he could. He was a completely different person after he quit drinking and he never touched a drop again ever. I just loved him soooo much and commend him for making his amends and turning his life around. He never spent another minute hurting anyone and it just goes to show you it can be done.

Oddly, today is my dad's birthday. Having them both on my mind today I made a card to send to my dad and in honor of my Uncle Harry. I think this card could have been appropriate to send for both. I used SUs "Always" set and sentiment that says.... You Mean Everything to Me.... inside I used the forever in my mind, always in my heart.

Good bye my friend...until we meet again...on a happy note now I know I have another guardian angel up there. Let's just hope he sends me some digits (winning lottery numbers that is.... now get busy Harry for your favorite niece hehe =D)


michelle g. said...
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michelle g. said...

I am so sorry to hear about your uncle. That was a beautiful memorium /tribute.

The card is really beautiful as well.

Emilia said...

He will love the card! Thank you for sharing the story of your uncle.

Jean said...

What a wonderful thing for you to do for your very loved Uncle. He sounds like he was a very special person to have endured all that and turn his life around.


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