April 28, 2008

T-3 days and counting.... Paper Tales Boutique and a Poll (above)

Since I don't have any of my own B-news (that's blog news) to report why not give some more blink (that's blog ink) to Paper Tales. I had a couple of questions ask to me as to whether they would be carrying altered art time items in addition to stamping and scrap schtuff. To tell you the truth I really don't know what they are going to carry besides the usual suspects in all things PRISSy. HOWEVER, they do have a new blog that is here and it has a sneak peak post of some of the items in their store (some of the items look like they might be altered artesk genre'). YIKES I AM SO FLIPPIN EXCITED. From the looks of this I finally have a FULL SERVICE A MUSE RETAILER AND CRAFTY SECRETS. Most of my current LSS do carry these items but only in small sections and never the full line of papers etc. Wowser it looks like it is going to be a really really nice place. Can't wait until the first. Should I camp out on the sidewalk so I can be the first customer? I am thinking that might be a cool idea.

Click on the photo and it will take you right to the new weblog.

If you haven't already done so...be sure and check out Michelle and Helle's other blogs too.


Elena said...

If you go, take lots of pics to share with everyone!

Vicki C said...

Woo Hoo.. if I was close enough... I can tell you , I'd be there with bells on!!! Michelle and Helle and friends of mine also.. and I will tell you.. not only are they sweet as can be,...but talented beyond believe! This store is going to ROCK!!!


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