April 19, 2008

Green Earth - Warning Artsy Fartsy

It's an Earth Thing!!! and NO I will not apologize for the use of my stickles ;p. I like them and I will use them at will liberally when the mood strikes me. This is my sample for the next Earth Day Challenge over at JJ Ya'll should really go check 'em out. This challenge we were supposed to go green, check out Debbie's blog...simple enough...I decided to do a "get well soon" card for Mother Earth. I hope she feels better soon! I used the 2007 Earth Day Stamp from JJ again as a background stamp. If you click on the card you can see how I used it on both the yellow and the green. See the little JJ chef on the chicken bowl with her spoon. She's spooning up a nice hot serving of chicken soup for the earth's soul. I hope you like!!




Karen Gladney said...

I gave you an award. Check out my blog. Great work you do.

Vicki C said...

Great work Liz! Thinking of you and just wanted to come by and say hello! Hope things are well with you friend!

ana said...

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michelle g. said...

You are too funny! love it!


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