March 16, 2008

CyberLove Sunday - Me First - Me First -

Hey PR!SSy Pals I've decided to host a new weekly challenge. It's really really easy and just might make someone's day. I've decided to make Sunday's "CyberLove Sunday". Here's some examples of how you can complete this challenge.
  • Create a blog post about a fellow crafter or blogger showcasing something they have created. Create a link to their blog.
  • Then go over to the featured artist and leave a nice comment and let them know what you did.
  • Plus anyone who reads your post has to go leave a comment on the featured artists/bloggers page.
Give a fellow artist some attention.

You game? I hope so. Nope no blog candy (yet). No enticements. Just a request to motor everyone into some thoughtfulness and doing something nice for someone else....ya know RAK

I do have some strings though. Leave a comment on my blog under the "CyberLove Sunday" post and let me know how you showed some cyberlove on Sunday.

As this evolves I may create a button to display for your blogs and I may even offer blog candy once in a while.

Won't you be a PR!SSy Pal and help MissPriss spread the CyberLove???

Me First..........

This post is about a co-worker of mine Allison A.

Post Script: I have now backlinked to Allisons online gallery over at SCS.

Ok sorry she doesn't have a blog or I would linkback to her but she is a creative chick and does some really really cute schtuff. In fact over Christmas she brought some schtuff to work to show me and it was soooooooo super cute I had to snap a picture of it with my camera phone. I've been meaning to upload these for her and so now I am finally getting around to it. Not only that it's a perfect time since I am doing "CyberLove Sunday" now. There are so many details to this little project I don't even know where to begin. This might need to be a case of a picture speaks a thousand words. Allison altered this C U T E Crafty Secrets Sweet Chips Little House for her Nana and had it in the mail in time for the holidays. I am sure her Nana L O V E D it. In fact I'm not sure how I didn't steal it from her before she mailed it. This first picture is the of the front of the little house. Little SU Mousy is greeting all of his guests.

This second picture is of one of the sides. Aren't her shutters sweet and her little flower garden on the side of the house. I especially love the Cuttlebug roof. It makes it look like a little Gingerbread house with lifesavers on top.

This third picture showcases the backside of the house. More cute little creatures in the flower garden. Looks like the birdie got a heart instead of a worm. I especially like the kitty sitting in the window. I believe that is an image from Technique Tuesday set called the dog and pony show. I thought the use of vellum to make a window was brilliant!!!

Here's one shot of the inside of the little house. She had the walls papered with all sorts of cute paper cutouts from Crafty Secrets. Like I said I only had a few good pictures using my cameraphone. It was so much cuter IRL. I hope you enjoy my first installment of CyberLove Sundays!!!

Happy "CyberLove Sunday". Now go spread the love...


michelle g. said...

Love it, Allison is awesome!!! -but I already knew that :)))

Your cyberlove sunday is awesome, I am totally game!

You spread the love for me a week ago and it really made my blogoland day/week/month!!!

chelemom said...

She did a great job on this! I saw it at CS gallery! LOVE it!


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