March 21, 2008

Crafty Spaces Take 2... yadayada and Tremors OH MY!. Warning LONG POST ~Grab a Cup-O'-Joe

(Click on any pic to see a close-up) I've had a couple of requests to re-post my Crafty Space. So I've been cleaning it up this evening and thought what a better time to snap some fresh pics to share with blogoland. Ya' know we all like peeking into others spaces to see how they are doing things... I know I do... I love seeing other peoples craft rooms so I can see if there is a cool organizational bin I didn't think of. hehehe. I actually love to organize things. I've even thought of becoming a professional organizer but I think some of my friends and family would beg to differ. If you saw my house sometimes I am sure I would be fired on the spot. But at the end of the day I think I am a fairly organized individual. I do like it and enjoy it (is that redundant...michelle g?). Anyway, some of these pictures will look exactly the same as before but there are some differences of which I will point out. Some fun stuff for sure. I hope you like...

This first pic is of peep peep I picked up at JA for 50% off he was $2.50 and the little case of peeps I picked up at Ms for $1. Why? I loved them and h2h them. They are sitting on the bench in my room and every time I look at them I smile. peep peep really does peep peep when you squeeze him and I just love that little peep peep sound. So does my dog and he thinks its his toy. haha - I love peep peeps and yes I am a grown woman. I have serious problems.

This pic (below) is the left side of my table, when facing my table. We will pan around to the right to see the entire table. This is still the same as the last time I posted except for two of the 3- drawer ($5 Target) organizers. They are the best right next to me and house some of my applicators, erasers, snap-a-stamps sets. I have 2 sets of each size and I broke them apart and put them in two of these drawers. This is the best place for them. I still don't have all of the full size SU ink pads but I am working on it. AS you can see I have room to grow. ;D

The close up of the two drawers that house the snap-stamps (below). This has made these really convenient and I use them a lot more now that I have them stored in these handy drawers

Moving from left to right this next picture (below) of my craft table. New and changed info? I just installed (on the face front of the antique wooden bench) these on the cheap curtain rod $3 JAs to organize my punches. I had shelves for them but just wasn't using them because they weren't handy. Now they are within arms reach and I love that. I still have the 3 tiered expandable spice shelves on top of the bench (above and behind the punches). Remember I used to store my individual stampers on these until I got this repurposed futon. Now I have all of my stickles and fun fluff on these. Yes I h2h have one in every color (Thank ELLEN for that). HELLO. At a couple $$ a bottle for each I don't think I am going to break the bank people. Of note? I especially like the clear rubbermaid office supply organizers that you see under the bench and on the table. I have my eyelets, SU markers, reinkers, SU spots, Copic air brush and markers. Basically this is my dashboard if you will, the hub of CREATION CENTRAL... hahahaha I do crack myself up.

Here's a close up of the fun fluff and the 3-tier expandable spice shelves. I also put the stamps that I am working on at the moment right in front of me. Sometimes I just put my new stamps up there because I have to oggle. I cannot say enough about the expandable shelves (I have two). When you craft in a small space such as I do real estate is prime and ya need to go vertical when you have to. They literally triple your s.f. surface area. I am not kidding.

Here is the next pic of my table moving right. More punch length I tell ya that curtain rod goes on forever. YAY. Item of note. See the label maker? I labeled it. hahahaha I crack myself up. I told ya.!?! Click on the pic to see the "Label".

The next couple of pics (below) are closeups of the clear office organizers I use for CREATION CENTRAL my copics are stored level on their sides and my SU markers are in the quad organizer. I'm a lucky girl. I love my copics but believe it or not my SU markers are still my first love.

SU markers:

Moving a little further right...below more of my table. Of note: little kitty tool mule. Another repurposed item. This is a clay pot supposed be be used for flowers. Well I saw a tool cup. Basically this is PAPER CENTRAL and my cutting station moving towards RIBBON CENTRAL now

And the final pic (below again) of my table. Cuttlebug and ribbon and SEWING CENTRAL. Yes I have a sew mini by Janome. I used some repurposed cabinet drawers and set them on the sides to use as bins again using vertical space for real estate. POST SCRIPT: I could have swore I just felt a tremor and NO its not because I was talking about my sew mini. I'll have to go check USGS site and look at the tremor map. That was wierd. Well there was one a little north of me but it shouldn't have been noticable. Probably my imagination. If we do have an earthquake I will probably have to take after pics and it won't be pretty people.

Here's a close up of SEWING CENTRAL

And RIBBON CENTRAL 1. Of note: Using my Crop-a-Dile I made a bunch of extra holes in my ribbon keepers and now all of my ribbon has a hole to thread through. Very innovative. I am sure it is MY invention. I found the slots provided weren't very efficient and I needed a ton more holes for my ribbon HENCE innovation invention. Click for a close up I tell you its GENIUS. I even put holes in the boxes that didn't have holes and made additional ribbon dispensers out of those. Thanks PINK HEDGEHOG AND RIBBON ADDICT JODY.

AND 2 (See the crop holes?)

I keep my clear sets in a 3-ring binder. I photo copy the key onto transparency sheets and insert the entire sheet into a top-loading sheet protector. Now all of my clear sets on in one place and I kind find them easily. Another GENIUS move I know.... don't thank me now.

Well this has been a long long post so sorry if I've completely bored you. But hey it's been REAL. Organizational summary. Go up, re-purpose, have everything visible and use clear. My number one thing with a craft space even if I had top of the line cabinetry and tons of room and such I would still h2h all of my stuff out where I can see it. It makes everything so accessible and user friendly. POST SCRIPT: Basically my craft room consist of two 8 foot office tables in a corner of my office. As you can see they can house everything you need to have a full service craft area. You don't need a lot of space to get crafty and have fun. I didn't take pics of my paper and underneath my tables. I will post those later.



Jackie said...

I really enjoy seeing other people's spaces and how they organize things. I love your ribbon storage and the curtain rod punch storage, too. I still think your best idea was re-purposing the futon. That was brilliant! Thanks for sharing your space.

Karen Gladney said...

Tks so much for all the pitures of your stamp room. I recently got my own stamp room as well and have been trying to find ways of storing things. Always nice to see what others do. Like what you did with the punches also. Great job.


Heidi said...

Waaa! What an awesome work space. Thanks for sharing! I love the bins with ribbons.

Emilia said...

I am speechless... you are too organized to be true! And you really have tons of tools!! Good for you!

michelle g. said...

awesome! your organization and attention to detail are inspirational.

In person, Miss Priss's craft room is like a mini stamp store. When I first saw it, my mouth dropped open.

It is not just a craft space, it is a Crafter's Delight.


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