March 17, 2008

Hello Spring

I am so enjoying the colors in all of the papers and inks for this time of year. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better?? What with the colors of Christmas the gorgeous reds, greens and unconventional colors this year such as fuscia...and then Valentines still my heart. ...OMGolly... I mean Stampin Ups Real Red was my first love in SU card stock. Does Red get any truer than that? Then TODAY Happy St. Patti's day (NO MY SISTER IS NOT A SAINT) but knowing her she probably thinks today is HER day. Of course she does. Hi sissy Patti. Remember my sissy's? She's the 4th one on the right in this post. The one with that red hair that looks like she spent way too much time watching old episodes of Carol Burnett or her finger in a light socket. Next thing ya know she'll be tugging on her ear. But GREEN has got to be one of my favorite colors tooooo. Oh I give up I LOVE ALL OF THEM. Now Easter week is upon us and spring. A time of all things NEW. I love this time of year but then I love fall too. I love winter too now that I live in southern california. I love winter. Yep I love the snow it was reall perty on all you's blogs. Insert evil laugh here throw head back. I thought y'all had some real nice photos of ice on window sills, drifts a mile high, deep freeze.... It brought back fond DISTANT memories of days gone by when I lived in WISCONSIN. NOT. I do love winter I really do BUT I DON'T MISS IT. Nope it's really not something I miss. If I need a snow fix I just blog surf and look for my east coast and northern prissy pals that can share the love of the winter. But HEY this post is about SPRING. I do digress.... sometimes.... Anyway another card using the Red Lead sketch and stamper of that cute little bunny angel. I do love the vintage feel of these stamps. They are so me. But then from the looks of my collection....they are all so me... I love it all... I just can't decide which one I love. All of them. You can identify RIGHT? I used SU cs. The blue flower bling is from JoAnne's. I got a great big bag of flower embellies in the dollar bin. Love those. Sentiment Kitchen Sink Stamps 3-Step Bunny. I'm lovin' that set too because it has so many great sentiments. I've yet to figure out how to use the 3-step bunny. I have trouble with clear stamps sometimes. But I am gonna keep practicing. I love the color combo of this card. I've always loved yellow and blue together though. hehe.

Post Script: edited to add I figured out the honey bunny problem I was having. I was missing a stamp step and so he didn't have eyes. Now when I use all of the stamps required he looks fine. haha


Anonymous said...

That is adorable - I'm usually not a fan of the yellow but that's super cute!!!

~missprissme said...

Thanks. I know yellow is growing on me. Thanks for the comment.

Sharon in NE said...

Eyes are good! :D Cute card!

Elizabeth said...

haaaaay now...are you making fun of my mommy??!!!


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