March 30, 2008

7 Interesting Things About Me

Ok err um Julie over at Lost Luggage tagged blogoland to play the 7 interesting things about me game. Well it might be a stretch to find 7 interesting things about myself but here goes.

1. I have smart ass friends that post here on a regular basis.
2. I used to work on board service Amtrak as a coach attendant when I was 17-20 trying to work my way through college. I was one of the first 13 women to EVER work on board service at the time. Ground breaking I know. Amtrak on board positions were always men. This was tied into the depression, war and slavery.
3. I didn't talk until I was 5 (I was able to talk I just didn't, my mother said I knew how and I knew the words I was just a very quiet baby)? I know earth shattering news huh because now ya can't seem to shut me up. (what's with all the metaphors related to the globe)?
4. I'm married to the same man for 29 yrs. That's not ground breaking or earth shattering haha unless you count... ok I'll keep it clean for the kiddies...
5. I've seen Jesus 3 times IRL ask me about it sometime... ~wink~ That's not related to number 4 at all. ROFL
6. I think I love my dog more than I love humans. Did you notice that dog is god spelled backwards? I love pointing that out. ~wink~
7. I used to do stained glass art. I have a large installation (skylight) in an apartment complex for elderly in Chicago. It took me 8 months to build and I was so excited after it was installed I wanted to go in and see how the residents were enjoying my window. It was a skylight in their common area/cafeteria type room. I walked in to see and everyone was asleep in their wheelchairs sitting right under the skylight. But no one was sitting there staring at it in awe. duh what was I thinking? They were all just napping away. Nice.

If you are reading this consider yourself tagged. Link back to me so I can go read your list if you play along.


Anonymous said...

I like No. 1 - good job Michelle!!! AA

LostLuggage said...

Hey Liz! Thanks for playing along....I have to admit though, I like reading these WAY more than writing them out! =) Have a great week!

michelle g. said...

I don't believe No. 3

Anonymous said...

ok so give me a name. I should be one of the blogger's, wink wink. What the hell is that all about. O.K. here's my name, "Blogger Extrodinaire!" How do you like that one. I'll be one you just wait and see. Go see Michael Jr.'s Blog. The corner of 35th and Shields. What the hell is url is missing. See this is why I don't bother. I don't have time for this.


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