March 23, 2008

Cyberlove Sunday - Iris Garden

Happy Easter everyone! Well it's CyberLove (CL) Sunday remember that new challenge gauntlet I threw down to everyone? All ya' have to do is leave a comment on someone else's blog, create a post showcasing their work and then leave a comment here letting me know. Well this Sunday I decided to send some CL over to Iris Garden. She really doesn't need a shout-out because I think she's already famous ;D as she is one of the CS designers. You all probably know her from before but me?... I just stumbled upon her through Crafty Secrets gallery and she had the C U T E S T little card which inspired me to use her as my CL Sunday post. I th ink it's appropriate for today, Easter Sunday, because her card features a cute little bunny too. Go on over and check it and say hi. Remember leave a comment....make someone's day!


1 comment:

Pam/Iris said...

Why, thank you Miss Pr!ssy, that was so nice!! Love your Cyberlove Sunday idea!

I really enjoyed looking at your blog and love your crafty space pic's. I have those Target containers, now I need to put some holes in some of them with my Crop-a-dile for my ribbon, great idea!

Thanks again and Happy Easter!


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