March 19, 2008


WOW just when I didn't think it was possible? I've found a new F A V O R I T E stamp set. Just got my new Crafty Secrets "Sweet Kids" set in the mail today!! And I gotta tell ya'...I'm in L O V E. I used this sketch I saw over on Crafty Secrets Blog provided by MishMash. I punched little paper flowers (scroll down in this post to see the punch I used)out for her bonnet and put a tiny sparkle in the center of each flower. I think if you click on the pic it will enlarge for the detail. NOTE TO SELF: Don't run a 3-D creation through your cuttlebug. Yep I had the flowers and creative candy gems on the hat and decided to scallop the white matte. So I ran it through the cuttlebug and yepper you guess it flat flowers and even flatter bling. Yes, those little creative candy gems smash flat as a pancake too. I had to laugh. I scraped it off with my exacto knife and redid the pretty little paper flowers.



Sharon in NE said...

That's something I would have to learn the hard way too. Cute cute card!

michelle g. said...

I love this card, what a cute stamp set!!! You always make me spend more money!!! ;)


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