March 13, 2008

A Hoppy Sketch Challenge

Nothing like a good mail day (see Ellen Hutson's SOTM, that's Stamp of the Month) and Kitchen Sink stamps (3 step honey bunny-more designs to come using this set so cute) to wrastle me out of a funk and a friendly challenge. Thanks to my PR!SSy cyberpal Anna Wight and a great sketch that I could CASE (that's copy and share with everyone for those of you who live under a rock in PR!SSyland and DON'T know what that means!). I've purchased tons of items over at Ellen' s webstore but never the whole kit'nkaboodle stamp of the month. I mean at the minimum I could justify the stamp because lardy knows I have enough of my own paper and ribbon and such. Never could I justify the entire kit. Well this month I decided to live dangerously and yepper I bought the whole kit'nkaboodle. It came with the Lockhart chocolate spotted folk bunny (so folkartish love it), a 10-pack of memory box cotton candy pink cardstock w/envies, the new 6x6 memory box sprout paper pack oh and some chocolate ribbon and few OTHER items. I mean sriously you can check it out via the link I have provided I don't REALLY need to gush over the dete's. Anyhow as you can see I grabbed some inspiration from everywhere tonight and what fun it was.... enjoy!

Here's Annas sketch for the challenge:

Here's my submission (oops now that I look at it side by side I should have made the green matte a little wider on all sides.... phewy...:


Jackie said...

He's adorable, I think you did a great job! Thank you for the kind comments on my blog, btw, it always makes me smile when someone likes my stuff :-)

Tania said...

Great easter cards! I love the green card the most. Love the way you add the ribbons.

michelle g. said...

So cute, love it! I love kits, when you are in a funk they can really help you hop to it (pardon pun, but I did it on purpose :) )


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