April 29, 2007

Eye Candy Alert!

These are the two little items I chose from the new Martha Stewart line at Michaels. Everything wasn't out yet so I wanted to wait and see. The 6 spools of twine are called bakers twine. The other items were an assortment of "From the Garden" labels. Just had to have these. They came in a package and you could only see the top design. A label on the package said "assorted". Just had to purchase it to see what others were included inside. The twine ran approx $3 and the package of labels was $2. I really like the new MS stuff.

Ok so the whole reason I even went to Michaels in the first place was to use the 40% off coupon before it expired today. I treated myself to the yes, count them, 120 Prismacolor PENCILS!!

...and last but not least. I was looking for and found the Amuse Seed Packet. It just arrived in the mail today with this nice little extra card sample.

~enjoy, now off to play with my new toys.


chelemom said...

I went to Michaels yesterday too! And I bought the twine and some papter...pretty! I don't know about your Michaels but they won't take the 40% off coupon! The girl behind the counter told me that MArtha won't accept the coupons! Did you have the same response?

Jan Scholl said...

I bought two sets of pencils a while back and burned out my electric sharpener. I use too many pencils as it is.

Vicki C said...

I got the EXACT Martha Goodies today! lol

Gypsy Purple said...

Oh wow...that exciting feeling of new supplies....


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