April 11, 2007


I sure do wish I had some pictures to share tonight. Ok so I don't have anything to upload tonight. The digi is charging anyway, so even if I wanted to. Nope, not gonna happen.

Anyway, I had a "good mail day" as they say in blog land because I received my new (insert drum roll because I am that excited) Create-a-Cut today. I have only practiced with it a bit but I love it. Maybe I will do a tutorial and showcase it sometime. It is great. I got it through Ellen Hutson's web store. http://www.ellenhutson.com/servlet/StoreFront. She is so great. I have ordered from her a few times now and she encloses the prettiest thank you notes with your purchases. Such a classy lady. Love her bunches

I was also playing with my new Crafty Secrets stamps CraftySecrets "kitchen classics" set which I purchased over at Anna Wight's web store. Check it out: Sassy-and-Sweet-CRAFTS I gotta tell ya' loving those toooooo. They are much prettier than first thought. I have been experimenting with a recipe card set design. I have the SU "what's for dinner" set and have in the past made recipe card sets for gifts from that set. So now I am experimenting combining stamps from each set. I have used the lines from the SU "what's for dinner" set and other images such as the border, and seasoned with love from Crafty Secrets. It is a work in progress so when I get something finished I will upload it.

It has been so much fun and great decompression time.

I just had to write about how much fun I am having.

~miss priss me

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