April 19, 2007

Mom Wisdom

I don't have any pics to upload tonight.

But I do have an article by "Oblate Fr. Ron Rolheiser, theologian, teacher and author that my mom sent me to share with blogland. I'm honored my mom wants to share wisdom that she identified with... Don't have the publication or title but I have author's name. It's an article about compassion and contemplation. It says

Contemplation is not a state of mind where we don't think of anything, a blankness beyond distraction. Nor is it necessarily thinking lofty, sublime or holy thoughts... contemplation is a state within which we are present to what is actually going on in our lives, and to the timeless, eternal dimensions inside of that. ~Thomas Merton

it continues...We are in solitude and contemplation when we are really aware that we are drinking water when we are drinking water. A graced moment of contemplation then is...Today it is enough to be in an ordinary human mode, with one's hunger and one's sleep, one's cold and warmth, rising and going to bed. Putting on blankets and taking them off, making coffee (preachin to the choir there Tom) and drinking it. Defrosting the refrigerator, reading, meditating, working, praying. AND dare I add stampin?

We can find grace in ordinary things and contemplation is the awareness of this grace.

Just something nice I felt like sharing... Have a nice evening in the ordinary. Thanks for visiting.

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