April 15, 2007

Vintage Fix

Yesterday my dh and I decided to go out boppin around, yesterday. I really wanted to check out some of my favorite haunts i.e. a LSS Stamp Diego which wasn't too local (approx 30 minutes away) because they carry A Muse stamps among others. I wanted to check it out to see if they had any of the misc. stamps i.e. non-SU that are on my wish list. Well as it turns out they are getting ready for AMusepalooza so they are keeping their stock low to increase sales for that weekend. Anyway, it was nice to check it out (and these people really are the nicest in San Diego as their web says)
I was able to find a couple from my A Muse wish list
Patch for one....

AND this miniature place setting

The plot thickens...we then continue on with our daytrip. I was really in the mood for a vintage fix, thanks to blogland and some of the blogs I read like Posy's (hey now that I clicked on the link to posy's, I just realized she's got a dog that looks just like the A Muse Patch stamp I just purchased, HOW FUNNY IS THAT?) among others.. Flea Market Studio is another (she has a great Etsy store too so go check that out if you would like your own Vintage Fix) these really put me in the mood for vintage shopping. Well as the universe would have it we come upon a roadblock, yes literally, and had to turn back. In the meantime we were already low on gas and YES I had wanted to stop before we left civilization (did I mention dh was along? yes, I had... and for you nonbloggers dh=dear husband). Well the enforced turnaround due to the roadblock didn't help the gas situation. We ask the nice ranger where the nearest gas station (crossing fingers now) was and he directed us to this nice little mountain town named Descanso and as I was saying before I digressed AS THE UNIVERSE would have it we stumbled upon this really really cute antiques and gift shop (no link available). I snapped a couple pics so you could get the flavor of it. I took these all outside as I wasn't sure it was proper etiquette to snap inside pics. The first one is this cute little bench at the entryway. I just liked the colors. Do you see the little foxglove in the upper left corner of the pic? Ok so this is my life for those of you saying (she really needs to get a life)...

The second pic is of another cute outdoor setting that caught my eye. Ingenious use of broken vintage plates. Don't ya think? They re-purposed these as a flowerbed border. Plus I just love the little johnny jump ups. Ok so I am in need of a major spring fix as well. Love it.
This third pic I just had to capture because I really think there is a card design using these colors...in there somewhere. Stay tuned.... you might just see one.
Enjoy and HAPPY SUNDAY! Thanks for visiting.
~miss priss me

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