April 13, 2007

Stampin Spaces

Ok, so I have a couple of picture I would love to share of my stampin space. One is a picture of my little straight pins with the colored balls in a white dish. I affixed a strong magnet to the bottom so if it tipped over it wouldn't be a major disaster. Knowing how clumsy I am. =D. I just thought it was pretty and wanted to share it. The second photo is a picture of my ribbon wrapped around wooden sticks (the large popcycle stick type) the end is held with one of my pins. The bulk ribbon was purchased over at hedgehogs blog she offers some of the best bulk buys in ribbon in blogland (me thinks). Check it out and tell her I sent you. No I don't profit, I just thought it would be nice. She posted my ribbon spools over there if you would like to see them.

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