April 19, 2007

Tag you're it...

Kurtis over at stampin Kub tagged everybody today so (in no particular order) I tag the following:

Betz Whites blog. She's an artist that deals in felt among other things. I just like reading her blog. She was on Martha recently with a tutorial about these little cupcake pin cushions. They are cute cute cute. She has a book on pre-order launching later this summer.

Flea Market Studio. Need a pretty fix or a vintage fix. Yep she's the one.

This art makes me happy. Why? because isn't it the truth!

Kindred Spirits. Why? because aren't we all kindred spirits in this papercraft world?

I made this, why because it's a guy and I like seeing how guys think with their right brains.

Of course all of the other usual suspects who I mention regularily on my blog. I decided to list new ones. I have 60 or some odd in my google reader so don't feel left out. I have so many I love.

I probably should run over and tell people they have been tagged. Maybe later.



Vicki C said...

hey, thanks for the tag! Cant wait to check out the other blogs!

Emilia said...

Hey~ there,
I saw your comment in my blog. I purchased that stamp like 10 years ago. I don't think they still have it in the market. The stamp is from All Night Media (Michel & Company). The name is "Party Parade" and reference no. is 864E. Hope this helps. =)
Tks visiting my blog!


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