April 15, 2007

You Have Got To Be Kidding ME!!

I am sooooo excited I could just burst. {Insert bounce bounce here} I have won BLOGCANDY. This insane virtual world of blogging is just too fun. For others new to blogging... Occasionally a blogger owner will offer a free prize, this is called blog candy. Usually the blog owner will put together an assortment of things (a prize package) just to celebrate a milestone with blogging or some other celebration. Then people who visit the blog and read the thread about blog candy are asked to leave a message/comment. Then there is a random drawing and a winner is chosen from those who left a comment. WELL I left a comment over at one of my daily blogs (that I visit, I have her in my Google Reader) The Flea Market Studio(FMS) and guess what'y ? Yep missprissme won my first blog candy and I HAVE GOT TO SAY it is perfect!!!! I was in this total vintage mood this weekend. I even took a day trip to get my vintage fix and LOOKIE what the Universe provided for me, today. Isn't that nice. If you look closely at the bag for #2 it has my name and blog on the label. =D .

Thanks so much FMS.



chelemom said...

I am offering blog candy too! MAybe you could win twice? Never know....Wednesday is the drawing!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I saw your cute name on Flea Mkt Studio and had to check it out, and yes, cute, cute. cute. Congrats on the prize! I am doing my first giveaway too, I didn't know it was called blog candy, I like that!


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