April 22, 2007

Happy Sunday

Good morning.... I don't have anything artsy crafty to post this a.m. because I have been down sick with a headache for daysssssssssss and really didn't have the energy to do anything except sleep. Finally it is passed and I feel like a new person. Yeah now that the weekend is over and it's back to workweek. Yep that's just great timing universe, thanks. Ok I am over my whine now. (I think I'm done whining??? but maybe not, because whining is one of my favorite pasttimes, don't ya know.)

I thought I'd share my vintage stuff I have. The following pics are of a shelf my dh put up in my kitchen for my Christmas present this year. Getting any DIY outta him is a major undertaking so just the fact that it is up was a big gift to me OK? (insert more whining here, see I told you so...) It runs along the border of the ceiling on two walls meeting in a corner. I love using shelves like border. I have a lot of cute stuff that was just in storage in my garage because it didn't have a home. The installation of these shelves allowed me to get my pretty things out on display once again. It's an eclectical mix of old and new.

This first picture below {CLICK ON ANY PICTURE FOR DETAIL AND TO ENLARGE} of the shelf moving from left to right.... How do you like this old cast iron (it's heavy when you pick it up) penny bank "milk wagon"? Maybe I will take a close up later, it has moveable pieces and a driver (which is not visible in this pic). Also, an assortment of old vintage tins.

Pic No. 2 (below) move your eyes to the right on the shelf. I have things arranged in collections (sort of). This grouping shows my chicken corner and an assortment of vintage tins.

Pic 3 (below) shows a closeup of the chicken/birds corner grouping. Cobwebs included.

Pic no. 4 (below) moves to the right of the bird corner and the start of the second shelf. I have my vintage jar/bottle collection here.

Pic no. 5 & 6 are closeups of some tins of note... note the "I Love Lucy" tin in the center? This isn't vintage and is a repro but it is a gift from my younger sissy ~missprisspatti and it pretty much is us when we get together. Yep just a couple of Lucy and Ethel's! Like I said, I have quite an eclectical mix (which basically means nothing matches hehehe). As you can see I have vintage mixed in with 50's (oops that is vintage isn't it?) Ok I am getting caught up in semantics. It's ok, let it go...

Last but not least this is a closeup of a GET THIS a "Saltine tin" Yep this is a red tin that saltine crackers used to come in. How cool is this? The glass knob on the top is clear w/stay fresh baking soda type pellets inside. It's really cool. I bet this is one of a kind. I've never seen one in any of my flea market day trips, have you?

Closeup of glass knob...

Thanks for visiting! Maybe I'll have some more cards soon or something crafty.


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bev said...

Love seeing your stuff! My mom used to have one of those cracker tins. It did keep crackers fresh!
Thanks for sharing.


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