May 12, 2007

~By the light of the silvery moon....A Muse Challenge 2 - Week 2 No Black Ink!

I JUST REALIZED THE WORDS ON MY CARD ARE WRONG. hehe a happy accident of which I will fix tomorrow?? brother!

Greetings fellow Ambassadors! This is my submission for Week 2 A*Muse*A*Palooza Challenge. I used the A Muse park bench stamp.

Here's the dete's: SU garden green & confetti white cardstock, SU Garden Green Ink on the A Muse Park Bench, SU real red on the tiny hearts, the essential glue pad which I purchased through the online A Muse store (added on by FAX) to adher the silver glitter for the moon, misc wire and ribbon.

Don't you just love it when you can create a card with something as simple as one stamp? I don't have many A Muse stampers in my library (yet). In fact, I have only approx. 10. That's why I'm trying out for the Ambassador contest I NEED A MUSE STAMPS. My wish list is at least as long as the prize. I wanted to use the A Muse bench and I needed to think about it in a different way since I didn't have a lot of other stamps to pair with it. I also wanted it to be unique. I've seen spring scenes using this stamp, day time scenes etc. So this is when I thought of the moon. Since we couldn't use black ink I tried to think of a color that would be appropriate for a park bench. This is when I came up with SU garden green it made me think of a forest ranger or a national park. I wanted the bench to be hugged by the moon and then I pictured little hearts hanging from the crescent. Then I couldn't help but think of that song in "It's a Wonderful Life" by the light of the silvery moon... I rubbed silver glitter on on the glue moon (not blue moon haha). The text is in "night of navy" (isn't that appropriate?) even though it may appear black, SU ink (not black). I also used tiny wire to hang the hearts from the moon and then I curled it onto my awl to them to make them curly. I wanted to add a comment about the ribbon. The main ribbon used is silver pulling in the silver element from the page but I really like how the accent ribbons pull in the other colors. I like how the navy anchors it. If I had used only the green and red ribbon it may have looked too Chrismassy and that wasn't my intention. The navy helped make it more neutral. I think it looks like the sparkler on the A Muse A Palooza banner.

I am getting kicked out of my craft room ONCE AGAIN. More company so I'll post more later.

I think it was 3 a.m. when I created this card. I was trying to get in before the Friday deadline? Well in my haste I inadvertently put "on" the "night" of the silvery moon instead of "in" the "light" of the silvery moon. How crazy is that? I am going to fix it somehow with a word window later today when I can get back in my craft room. (More company except this time we didn't move the room to accomodate). That means I have to wait to get in there. I am starting to feel very territorial about my ROOM.


chelemom said...

This card is awesome! Love all the white space! I'm trying to get away from the business of so much going on! Although I think I'm failing miserably!

Connie said...

Oh, I love it!


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