May 20, 2007

That's Amore

Not sure if I like how this turned out. I used chalk to color in the trees and sky. I looked at pictures of Venice and the canal had lots of trees lining it. So I added those in the scene. It also had buildings but I had no building stamps to use. huh? ~insert googly eyes here~ The red posts are gondola docking posts. I did make the lamps sparkly like the candle on my Kewpie Cute card posted earlier. I like how that turned out. I wanted it to look like summer in Venice not winter (trees with no leaves)

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chelemom said...

This is an awesome card! Love how you created this "scene!"

Emilia said...

I like the red post a lot! Like lollipop... :)
And I learn how you made the lamp light~ I will try mine soon.


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