May 02, 2007

misspriss whinetime

Ok, so you might know by now that I like to whine. and I feel the need for a major BMW session coming on. That is BMW for @itch, Moan and Whine. I haven't posted in a couple of days. Yet, you would THINK that I would have plenty of time to do so... since I AM on vacation. But NO. Can you also say.... and this is the biggest reason for my BMW mood... I have done ZERO stamping. Yep and I am 3 days into my vacation. I don't have a ton of time to post right now this minute but later on this afternoon I will have more to post and HOPEFULLY something to upload. Just a couple of quick notes for now... there are approx 25 sets I want from the retired SU list. Whatever. and that is my short list. LOL (in a sinister sort of tone). I won't get them all but that is the number. I am in the middle of moving my craft room BACK to the original location. We had temporarily moved it out of the 3rd bedroom (used as an office/craft room) to the master bedroom in order to set up a guest room. So now the temporary guest room goes back to an office/craftroom. I need a bigger house so I can house my stamps. hehe. It's a pain to have to move it again but it's good too because I can take inventory and clean (which was on my agenda for my vacation and before you panic, yes, I like to organize and clean... it can be very zenlike and therapeutic). I know what you are thinking so stop it.

Anyway, this is why I haven't posted or stamped. I will try and get some before and after pictures of the process. It must be in the air because I've noticed a couple of other bloggers posting pictures of the same thing...spring cleaning the craft spaces. Spring is in the air. I love it... OK so I ended on a happy note. My mood is lifting just thinking about stampin =D.


chelemom said...

Sometimes life gets in the way of the things we really want to do....STAMP! CAn't wait to see what you post pressure though! (Hee, Hee!)

Vicki C said...

Oh... I thought I was the only crazy one... lol... I love organizing also!


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