May 03, 2007

Vintage Stamp Set

{Click on any picture to enlarge for details) I wanted to share a few pics of an old stamp set I've had laying around here. I had been meaning to dust it off, go through the stamps and condition them etc. Now that I have some time off and I am spring cleaning anyway, I finally have the notion to clean this set off. I knew it was an alphabet set, it is housed in a wooden box (large) but I was pleasantly surprised with some of the symbol stamps that were included. This set was my Great Aunt's(deceased 90) who had been a school teacher for many many years. The stamps were still in good condition but were very dry, dusty and smell very musty. I decided to get out an oilier based stamp cleaner with the stampin scrub cleaning each one. This worked very well. I am also going to prime each one with black ink to condition them further. I took a picture of the letter stamp capital A and small a, a pointing finger etc (see picture). I especially liked the "Per Doz., Per Yard" and the cent sign. I also liked the wiggly asterick stamp, I thought it looked like a spider too. It also includes common math symbols, a set of numbers and common punctuation symbols also. A very handy set for a classroom. How often do you see those anymore!! To me they evoke images of homemade tags selling fresh eggs(brown of course) by the dozen or perhaps hand woven fabric by the yard? I might use the per doz. stamp with a chicken set for a cute card. ;D if I ever get back to creating... still zero stamping on my vacation. I think all of these images would make nice ATC designs too. Just very unique. I love them... what a happy find. I have a lot more restoring to do with this set but for now here are some image pics. ~enjoy ...I wish I was stamping

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